April 8, 2014

Due process

The Irish Drivers Association have been inundated With calls from the public by an incident at Drennan bridge.

On the outskirts of Ballybofey where a motorist had his car seized by members of the Gardai and left on the roadside. The motorist suffered a heart attack as a result of the Gardai failing in their care of duty towards this mans welfare and also the failure to carry out due process under this mans constitutional rights under article 18 paragraphs 1 and 2.

The Gardai and customs are acting under instruction from Michael Nonnan to seize vehicles under the 1992 finance which is contrary to Article 15 of the constitution for unpaid road tax and Customs Duty which is prohibited under article 25 of the treaty of Rome.

Once again this proves that Garda resources are been dedicated to extorting revenue from an already hard pressed motorist while  so many crimes go unsolved.

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