March 24, 2014

Vote NO

We the Irish Drivers association are asking you the Electorate not to vote for the presently elected MEPs On this the run up to the European elections you will hear our presently elected back on radio and appear in the papers making the same false promises. We the Irish drivers association have been to Brussels twice in recent times to raise VRT/ customs Duty. We can confirm to the electorate that on both occasions not one of our elected MEPs appeared to either back us or indeed speak on your behalf. We are now in our 41st year of deception since joining Europe.41 years of corruption between past and present Government and Brussels.

On our last visit to Brussels we have accused the Dept. of customs and taxation of direct collusion with past and present Government to retain a prohibited customs duty under article 25 of the treaty of Rome as set down under the 3rd amendment to the Irish constitution. Known to us as the 1972 European community’s act.

For 41 years we have been deceived by Brussels and our governments. We were guaranteed the free movement of goods under article 39 but what the Irish people weren’t informed of when going to the poles that a derogation was granted to the Irish Gov. under 14 which retained customs duty till the 31st of Dec 1992. Now here comes the political trickery of the minister for finance of that time Bertie Ahern who relabeled customs duty at twelve o clock midnight on the 31st of Dec 1992 and on the 1st of Jan 1973 we have something called VRT. Contrary to article 25 which states. Customs dutys and (taxes having the equivalent effect shall be prohibited between member states. We as Europeans have been denied our treaty rights by our past and present Governments. We should be demanding a further referendum on our future in Europe. None of our elected MEPs are raising these issues in Brussels in fact they are fighting the electorate to retain customs/VRT in order to bail out banks and unsecured bond holders.

Brussels is a retirement home for failed politicians. So we ask you the electorate not to elect these people again. They have give us 41 years of deception and lies. All treaty articles can be checked out in the treaty.

  • John Doherty Donegal branch chairman.
  • John Lernihan. Founder and National chairman.

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