June 26, 2009

Did you know

You can be fined and suffer penalty points for ‘Poor Reversing’. Who decides?

A simple bulb failure attracts penalty points

Failure to carry your driving licence attracts penalty points yet has nothing whatever to do with road safety.

There is a proposal to impose double penalty points for offences incurred on a bank holiday.

69 separate offences attract penalty points.

If you contest your conviction in court, and are unsuccessful, there is an automatic imposition of extra penalty points. No discretion is allowed to the courts to take into account any extenuating circumstances.

Your car can be seized for non-payment of road tax.

If your car is late for its NCT test, you will not be given the full two years, even though you will be charged the full price. A car needs an NCT certificate even when it is off the road.

When SGS (The Swiss company carrying out all NCT’s in Ireland) signed the current contract with the Irish Government they agreed to provide free tests for inidividuals if they unable to carry out testing within 28 working days of the test being booked. As most centres now work saturday and sunday this only gives them 4 weeks to give you a date.

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