May 22, 2014

Prohibited Customs Duty

First and Deputy Minister

Dear sirs we would like to raise the issue of a retained customs duty by the southern Gov which is interfering with the free trade between Northern Ireland and southern Ireland.
On the first of Jan 1973 we joined Europe which was to guarantee us the free movement of goods under article 39 of the treaty of Rome and would abolish customs dutys on imported vehicles under article 25 which states customs duties and charges having the equivalent shall be prohibited as between member states.
A derogation was granted under article 14 which died out on 31st of 1992 which was to bring to an end to customs. In preparation for this Date the minister for finance of that time relabelled customs duties over night and on the 1st of Jan 1973 we have something called VRT. By retaining this prohibited customs duty discriminates against the motor trader in NI who cannot trade freely with the south because of as high 36% been applied to a vehicle by Irish customs.
This has a great affect on the economy of NI. By removing this prohibited customs duty the Irish Drivers association can guarantee to quadruple car sales in NI.
This is something we would like you to raise with your counterparts in the south and have your MEPs raise in Brussells.
The questions has to be asked as to why the southern Government has been allowed to retain a prohibited customs for 41 years.

The association would be interested in meeting with your office or the relevant ministers.
We await your return and thank you for your time.

John E. Doherty Donegal branch chairman.
John Lernihan founder and national chairman. Co Clare
Contact 00353872509123

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