November 14, 2012

Irish Drivers Association Call for refendum on Ireland’s future in Europe


To: An Taoiseach

Dear sir

We the Irish Drivers Association speaking as a majority voice for our members of the Irish republic are now demanding a further referendum as to our future in Europe. It’s quiet clear that we were mislead into joining Europe. The 1/1/2013 will mark 40 years of deception and fraud by past and present Governments by deceiving the citizens of 26 county Ireland of their treaty rights by retaining a prohibited tax under article 25 of the treaty of Rome. Mainly customs Duty’s/ VRT. By retaining this prohibited tax is contrary to article 39 the free movement of goods and discriminates against us as Europeans.By retaining this prohibited tax breaches the 3rd amendment of the Irish Constitution by way of accession to Europe. It’s very clear to the people of the Irish Republic that past and present Governments have been involved in direct collusion with Brussels to retain this prohibited tax to bail out banks and unsecured bond holders. A derogation was granted under article 14 to Ireland with regards customs duties but was to expire on the 31st of Dec 1992 the political trickery of FF relabelled customs duty’s and now named it VRT which is contrary to article 25. Tax,s having the equivalent effect.We are now asking all parties to back us in our demand for a further referendum to decide our future in Europe.

John E Doherty Donegal Branch chairman.

John Lernihan Founder and national chairman. CO Clare

Ger Connolly research Athlone

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