April 29, 2014

Before you Vote

The facts before we make the same mistakes again. What the Electorate may not be aware of that by voting FF. FG. or labour in the European elections that you are in actual fact electing a candidate to retain Customs duties/VRT. And this is where we will give you the reasons why.

When Ireland’s derogation on customs duties come to an end in 1992.Bertie Ahern the then minister for finance invented the 1992 finance act in preparation for the for 1/1/1993 when at the start of business VRT would relable Customs duties. Contrary to Article 25 of the treaty of Rome which prohibited charges carrying the Equivalant effect. This was done with criminal intent to defraud the Irish citizen of their Treaty rights.

This has been retained by successive Governments.

We are in our 41st year of joining Europe. 41years of deception lies and collusion with Brussels.

At the minute our elected MEPs are working behind our backs in Brussels to cover up the sins of Bertie Ahern. FF invented this problem so it’s in their interests to keep it under cover.

FG and Labour been the Government of the Day are fighting the Citizens of this Country to retain this customs Duty to repay banks and unsecured bond holders.while some of our Independant MEPs backed VRT on co2 emissions because they wanted to use the umbrella of been environmentally friendly.

The Irish Drivers Association has been to Brussels on 2 occasions to address Customs duties/VRT on both occasions not one of our elected MEP,s appeared to speak on behalf of the people that Elected them this was noted in the chamber.

Why would you vote for any candidate that is involved in collusion. Not one candidate has this Customs duty mentioned on there manifesto. Not one of our Elected have raised this issue in Brussels while there’s not a day that passes but one of the electorate is been convicted on VRT charges and in some cases facing jail for non payment of this criminal charge invented by FF.

We are now been criminalised for been Europeans.
Its time for change do not elect these people back to this retirement home.
The Irish Drivers Assocation have no political affiliation and will expose the type of candidate that is supposed to represent them.

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