May 22, 2014

No vote

With just days to go before the election we are appealing to you not to vote FF. FG labour. The Green Party in the Euro Elections or for that part even in the Local Election. By electing these same people back to power the air u breath will be taxed we won’t hear from these criminals for another 5 years when they will be back making the same excuses and the same empty promises. We can no longer afford the lifestyle of MEPs lifting junior ministers pensions combined with a TD pension and a salary from Brussells. These people are totally disconnected from the people and the real world.
On a daily basis we receive calls on people facing court and in some cases jail for a customs duty that was prohibited under Article 25 of the treaty of Rome. These people we Elected 5 years ago have spent their time defending Bertie Ahern when he defrauded the Electorate by introducing the 1992 finance in order to retain this customs duty in the Guise of VRT.

Can any one rember his parting speech to the Nation when his party broke this country it went something like this.

Try telling this to the many people that have been ripped out of their cars by Gardai and Customs and Frog marched to ATMs to pay what they call a comprised penalty.
Try telling this to the many people that have come before the courts and denied their treaty and constitutional rights. This is what we elected last time around. What MEP has raised these matters in Europe. NONE.

When the association lodged a petition in Brussells on customs duty/ VRT not one MEP attended the Hearing and that includes the Independant MEPs.
We need change their is plenty of choice this time in both the Euro and Co Council Elections give them a chance.
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